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Responsabilities of the Leader

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Responsabilities of the Leader

Post  Bellatrix on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:37 am

1. Member list. It is the responsability of the leader to maintain this list, and failing to do so WILL result in BP [Blood Points] or Reputation being taken away, meaning you will not be able to buy new characters, upgrades or

2. Regularly updated news. This is to inform all members of anything new. Not much detail is needed! Just remember to keep adding bits as and when stuff happens. Keep everyone in the loop.

3. Any notices. Is someone requesting a partner? Is a human requesting to join? Post it here, along with a poll, and let everyone decide on certain things. Who should go forwards as the player of the month? Set up a voting place here!

4. Anything else that Site Admin requires in the future. I might need people to do stuff occassionally, and as Leaders for your clan, you need to be aware that I may ask you to find someone suitable for a plot, etc. You are my eyes and ears. Chances are, as the site grows, I may not be able to be everywhere at once. Spot something bad that no one else has picked up on? Report it.

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